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Tic is a very special little pup who beat the odds and has grown to be a very healthy, intelligent, good looking girl.

I named her Tic because when I was spending hours with her helping her feed I knew she had enough when she looked 'as full as a tick.'

When I mentioned to Marj Deignan (dad Tiki's owner) that I had a tiny pup she said to me I had to give the pup a BIG name so she grew to achieve it.

At 4 weeks old Tic already knew her name so I didn't want to change it. We decided to give her a big pedigree name instead.

She is Gunnerson Lido Ji Gan Tic.

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This is my mum Lido.
What a great smile she has!
My dad Tiki is a bit more serious but very handsome.

The day I was born. I weighed only 220g!
I'm at the bottom of the photo.
I'm 3 weeks old......much smaller than my brothers and sisters.
My first time outside!
At least I have my sister for courage.
Sometimes I was challenged but I managed to take care of myself.
Cousin Otis, who is a week older than me, needed help to exercise off those couple of extra kilos he was carrying.
It's important to stop and smell the flowers every now and then.
Me being cute :)
My 'bear cub' impersonation.
My favourite playmate Jett.
He doesn't mind being licked and jumped all over.
I always know where the comfy place to sleep is.
Often you can find me in the kennel.
Me at 5 weeks.
My human mums hand isn't that big either.
Trying to make friends with Sasska.
As it is often wet and windy in October mum bought me a smashing fur-lined raincoat.
At 8 weeks I got a collar.
Me looking very grown up and important.
Lots of visitors tried to sneak off with me.
Now I'm packed and ready for my new family.
Mum says my new family have to be super special because that's what I am.
Tic and her new family.
Jan 2013



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