Gunnerson Labradors 

Past Puppies

          Below are  four pups of ours who have trained to become assistance dogs for people in wheelchairs.
           They are Riley, Axel, Cobba and Vespa (R.A.C.V.) Cobba was chosen to model the vest.

             4 special pups                     Lyric boy Cobba



Jive's pup Jess

      Jess is one of Jive's 2008 pups.

Little Jack


Above is a photo of LITTLE JACK (LJ) taken 
on the last day of Autumn 2008. He is 3 days old.

                 For those of you who don't know.....Jett isn't the only dog who comes to Mansfield Primary School with me.
                 In 2008 a 5/6 class looked after Chilli 2 days a week. Chilli (named by the class) was only a pup and
                adjusted to school life well even though she wasn't as sedate as Jett and I'm sure she took the children for a walk 
                rather than the other way around. 
However puppies do mature and and Chilli made a return visit in August 2009 so she could catch up with old friends. 
                As the photos show she settled in well and behaved beautifully, except for choosing the furniture rather than the floor!

                                                                                                                                                                "Can I sit here.......... if I sit nicely?"                                                            "I thought you just said no couches!"


Rumer's son Jack

                    Rumer & Dusty son Jack born 2007


 Rumer son Jasper

               Rumer & Dusty son Jasper born 2007



                    Photos below are of 2 Gunnerson 'pups' sent to me by Sue, Guy and family.

I am SO pleased with myself!

MARCH 2010
Just thought I would share this photo of Jasper. After he

transformed our old couch cushion into this, he happily sat
and posed for the camera. I foolishly thought they might like
to sleep on it in their kennel, MMMM, obviously mistaken.

He is asleep at my feet right now, tired after such an energetic day.

 Charlie with her most long suffering look.....

MAY 2010
Had to share this with you..... Jasper strikes again but this time
it looks like he has made Charlie take the blame.
He just loves the camera.



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