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The best thing about staying in touch with the owners of our puppies is that we recieve the most wonderful photos and stories of the puppies/dogs as they grow, explore the exciting world around them and YES, break the rules, wreck things and still manage to have their owners wrapped around their paws!


On previous pages we have had the odd photo of a dog who has disgraced himself so now is the time to dedicate a page of their own to these Labs.


                             Fergus wrote of Badger's puppy Luna

"This is what she thought of a puppy training book we were given for Christmas!"



  From LEO to all the people who were teenagers in the eighties   

           In the words of Freddie Mercury from Queen

           "And another one gone, and another one gone  

                          Another one bites the dust "


                                 's a dogs job!





         5 month old Oscar's family say

     "we're pretty sure it was the cat!"                  





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