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This page will be an ongoing update on Scout and Ozzie's litter due 16th April 2008.

Scout is the daughter of Jive (Gunnerson Lyric Jive) and Digger (Wynstream Black Watch ) and this will be her first litter.

Scout is a gentle girl who loves attention but is not pushy.......... you just feel her presence when she wants a pat and cuddle.

Her best friend is her sister Rumer, the dark beauty, and the two still curl up together every night.

Scout is incredibly fit and amazes us with her jumping ability............ we feel she is part kangaroo!

We will endeavour to keep an up to date diary and photo account of Scouts puppies..............................................


APRIL   7TH    

        Scout's tummy doesn't look too big......                                    until she sits down!

            Scout..........9 days to go!                                                   


             All is well..................Scout has moved into the shed tonight in anticipation of the big event................but she has taken

            sister Rumer with her as a girl needs a best friend at a time like this!




             Scout's tummy continues to grow and she is beginning to feel the weight

             of her puppies. She chooses to walk most of the time but still decided to

             run after a cheeky pigeon tonight! She is sleeping in the whelping box so

             she becomes familiar with the shed and it's smells. Her appetite has

             increased and she is now eating 2 meals a day.

             And yes.........she still jumps up on the log!




   UPDATE  !!!  Friday 11.4.08  11.30am...........

                                                                            SCOUT IS IN EARLY STAGES OF LABOUR

                                      Scout showed signs of wanting to nest this morning (under the trailer) and has progressed to

                                     heavy panting and obvious pre delivery unsettled behaviour. We will stay with her on and off

                                     so she remains calm. Rumer is waiting in the wings as now Scout has to go it alone.





   April 11th 4.00pm........Scout is managing really well and has 5 beautiful pups so far. She is settling into a routine

                                     of washing and snuggling the puppies between births. Is she finished ??? I think not !

   April 11th 6.30pm..........7 BEAUTIFUL PUPS

                                        ( 5 days early but really only 3 days early if she conceived on the first of the 3 matings.)

                                        All the pups seem well, active and are feeding. At this stage it is wise to point out that

                                         the first few days of a pups life are fragile as they adjust to the outside world

                                        and Scout adjusts to them.                                                                    


                                                                                    Scout's pups hours old


                                                                April 11   April 12 April 13th April 14th April 15th April 16th April 17th April 18th

12.52 pm    # 1  c.p.yellow male N           530         610         655            740            785            860          915           980 

2.01 pm      # 2  black female                 565        620         655            665            640            665          690           755

2.34 pm     # 3  chocolate female           510         540         580            640            660            710          780           845

2.49 pm     # 4  black male                     482         535         560            615             695            760         855           910

3.07 pm     # 5  yellow male M               525        550         595             675            745            820         885           970

3.39 pm     # 6  yellow male B                510         540         580             655            690            795          860          920

4.11pm       # 7  c.p.yellow female          585         610          630             740            795           845          915           990


April 12th 10.30am..........mother and babies had a good first night in their "igloo" (photo to come.)                                           

April 13th   10.30pm.........Scout is being an outstanding mum and the pups are all doing well.

                                        Photos should say it all!




 April 15th...........Scout is excelling as a first time mum.  She now spends a small amount of time each day

                          with her "pack" but is happy to be with her pups otherwise. New photos to come April 17th !

April 16th..........All pups are thriving and are very settled. Scout is a calm, attentive mother but is not over protective,

                        she is happy to share her babies with us. She loves her short breaks away from her pups but is pleased to

                         return to them............Will post photos of Scout and pups tomorrow.

April 17th............Sorry, no photos yet. All pups are continuing to gain weight and the litter is quiet and settled - always a

                         good sign! Weighing is tricky as the pups squirm alot in protest at being removed from their nest.

                        Discovery tonight that two of the yellow pups are chocolate point yellows...........that is,

                        their noses, eye rims and lips will be a liver colour instead of black.

April 18th..........Beautiful babies, so relaxed and settled and Scout is a wonderful mum. From here we will go to weekly

                        weighings. We will endeavour to have regular photos but until the pups open their eyes at 2 weeks there is

                        little to record. 

                                 Pups from L-R # 3,6,2,7,1,4,5.    Pup # 6


April 21st.........Scout has decided that she does not need to spend all her time in with the pups and has rearranged her

                       area - so the leopard print blanket is off the igloo and on the ground for her. She now has an area of her own.

                       On Sat she appeared to have mastitis around one teat  (of which she has 10 instead of the usual 8) however 

                       with veterinary consultation and regular temperature taking it seems to have subsided without medication.

                       At no time did she appear unwell or lose her appetite.   Photos of 2 pups below! 

                      Pup # 4         Pup # 5


 April 22nd...........Pups are well and GROWING !  It is amazing to see them find the corner of the whelping box to toilet.......

                           especially since they go by smell alone. They are beginning to use their legs more and more, although they

                           hate to be away from each the photo shows. Scout is absolutely well and being a great mum.


                         sleeping baby                    Our bundle


April 24th..............These guys are slugs !!!!!! No wonder Scout loves time out from them as they are so boring.


April 25th...............2 weeks old and as you can see from the photos below, they have grown alot and their eyes are

                             beginning to open. When awake the pups are trying to pull their legs under them so they can stand

                             and a few can even hold their own body weight for a few seconds. Much to their disgust they were

                            wormed (it is caramel flavoured !) and had their toenails trimmed so they don't scratch Scout's

                           tummy while they feed. They also had their weekly weigh in.

            PUP        #1   1590g         #2  1315g        #3  1365g        #4     1620g        #5   1710        #6  1490g         #7   1585g


                         Plump puppies                        Pup #5         



May 2nd..........weekly weigh in   

          PUP      #1   2055g      #2  1865g       #3   1870g        #4    2070g         #5    2295g     #6     1930g      #7      2070g  

May 6th......... Just a note to fill everyone in and point out that I am not slack with photos and updates but that I badly injured

                       my thumb last week and had plastic surgery to repair the nerve and ligament. I am now able to do mostly

                      everything that one can do with one hand but photographing wriggly pups is one of the more challenging jobs.

                     The pups are just divine and seem very mature for almost 4 weeks old. They are still a bundle most of the time but

                     when they are active they are enchanting. They now growl and bark if startled and wag their chunky little tails

                      when they are patted and talked to.  Most dislike being handled as they feel insecure but this insecurity passes

                      with time and more handling. They still have poor vision and rely on smell and hearing. Scout remains well and

                     loaded with milk.  She is such a calm mum although she is protective of her pups if she thinks another dog is

                      heading into the shed.

                        pup #5


 May 9th.........Big move for the babies-----------they are now out of the whelping box and into a bed that they can freely move

                      into and out of. This move allows the pups to leave their sleeping area completely to toilet, much nicer for them

                       and Scout. Scout's natural instinct is to clean up after her puppies but this "service" diminishes when the pups

                      are started on solid food which will happen this weekend. Scout now has the choice of being in with her pups or, by

                      jumping over a small fence, she has her own area away from the constant bustle of the pups. At 4 weeks of age

                      the pups are full of bounce and curiosity. They love their toys and so does Scout who has chewed a number of them

                     already. Really she should be past that at her age! They respond really well to my voice and love to smell my hand

                     and clothes, a taste of the world outside. 

                    We gave them their second worming and this time it wasn't so yucky.........a maturing palate perhaps?

                    Their weekly weigh in showed an average weight gain of about 500g.

      PUP        #1    2670g       #2   2490g        #3   2470        #4    2720        #5    2820          #6   2540         #7    2600

                      One photo for now but will try to get "group" shot as well as blacks and chocolate. Yellows just more photographic.

                                                                     #6 & #5


 May 13th..................Pups outside for the first time today in the beautiful Autumn sun. Scout was really concerned at first

                              however as the pups relaxed, she relaxed. After the pups 'stacked up' initially their curiosity got the

                              better of them and they explored their surroundings-----particularly with their noses.

                              They are keen to come when called........expecting dinner.........but are happy with a rub and cuddle!

                                mobile milk bar!                  


                                #5 AGAIN!

 May 16th.............." Oh we are sooooo big now that we hardly fit on the scales ! " What little piggies all the pups are now and how

                           they love their food. Mealtimes are the highlight of the day however they are always so excited when they

                           are played with that company comes a close second.  Loud noises which frightened them a week ago

                           (such as the shed door slamming and dropping a dinner dish) and would send them scurrying behind their bed

                           now only startle them momentarily as they are much braver and more comfortable in the world. It is lovely to

                          see them run to me when they hear my voice and their tiny tails wag like humming birds wings.

             Pup       #1   3850         #2  3570         #3   3390        #4  3770       #5  3670        #6   3620         #7   3330 


May 19th.............A very cold and wet weekend has meant the pups had no outside time at all. This means resourcefulness on my

                         part to ensure there is lots to occupy puppy minds! The favourite was of course their first large meaty bone

                         which entertained until they fell asleep on them. Even though there was one for each pup they were happy to

                        chew two to a bone. Many new toys have been introduced, from a rope suspended from the ceiling for tug of

                       war, to teddies and soft squeaky toys. Funny then that they should ALL want to chew my boots when I am

                       with them! Will take more photos when I can get the pups outside.............

 May 20th................  A short visit outside during a break in the weather, to a place less muddy and a little further away from the

                              shed....... hence the required transport.


                                                  classy transport


May 23rd...............What a big day for little puppies. Off to the vets for their 1st vaccination and microchipping. Lovely vet

                            Jackie and nurse Bree examined each pup thoroughly while laughing off puddles on the floor, attacks on

                            shoes and pants, rearrangement of all computer and electrical cords and general chaos.

                            Surprise!  Surprise! that all the GIRL pups took the microchip needle in their stride while the boys cried

                            out loud. Honestly !!!!  Jackie has chosen her favourite pup but she would never divulge such sensitive

                            information----unless it was a really good bribe. Updates on weights will be added tomorrow and more

                           photos very soon.

May 25th...........  It's official ~~~~~~ the little pups are too BIG for my scales so weighing is now out of the question.

                         Another day outside in the mild weather with two special visitors, the families of pups # 2 and #7 came to

                         meet and cuddle their babies................"do we have to wait another two weeks?"

                        Another worming with help from our friend Jack and so many people to play with.

                        Meat and sardines (omega 3 and lovely fish oils) for breakfast and mince and vegies for dinner. We are NOT

                        fat we are well boned and healthy.

May 31st..........    Last day of autumn brings pups into their big new yard outside.      

                                Chockie Girl                         Rosie

                              The photos above show two of the pups posing for their passport photo. Today saw the pups having 

                              chicken necks for dinner, all managed well and no one too greedy! My last week with these babies 

                             which is sad for me but inevitable and of course eagerly awaited by their new families. Thanks to Jen

                           for lending me her fantastic camera.  

June 1st...........

                           ...#5             black & black


                            Belatedly ....................a photo of Dad ----  Ch. Blackhills Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie "Ozzie" owned by Marj Deignan



June 9th.............  The weekend finally arrived and the pups, 8 weeks old on  the 6th, have reached the age where they can

                           leave us and go to their new homes.

                          The first to collect her pup (#7) was 13 year old Claire. Claire started emailing me a month before the

                          pups were born and was sweet enough to send me some photos of Sam, their previous lab, who was one

                          year old when Claire was born and lived until Claire was 10. Claire emailed me 41 times and called a few

                        times too --- what a lucky pup to be so eagerly awaited ! Claire has named her pup "Belle."

                                                                               Claire and Belle 

                         Next pup to go was "Chockie" (#3) our only chocolate pup. Ben and Amy first contacted us back in

                        February and visited us before the pups were born. Well....... it is important to meet mum and the extended

                       family to make sure everyone is happy. Recently Ben suggested he was a little concerned that his work would

                       query the number of hits on the Gunnerson website as he checked for updates on the litter.

                                                                               Ben, Amy & Chockie     

                         Jennifer and Arthur also contacted us back in February for a chocolate male. When nature thwarted

                         this idea (no choc male born) and after a visit to us on their way home from a holiday, both were keen to 

                        adopt the CHUNKY chocolate point yellow (#1). Arthur's warm way of making you feel you've been mates

                      for ages and the interest of their grown up children confirms our feeling that "Darcy" is one lucky pup.

                                                                                 Arthur, Jennifer & Darcy

                          Last to leave us this weekend was "Rosie" .........a very special pup for a very special family. Deb and

                         Andrew and their children Sean and Alanna adopted another pup of ours, SABINE, almost 3 years ago.

                         Sabine was a pup who required extra love and care in her early days and as a testament to this care and

                        the continuing love of her 'life' family, Sabine grew into a beautiful, loving, family dog.    

                           Baby Sabine                         Sabine & Andrew

                           Very suddenly and prematurely Sabine died early this year and her family are all still trying to come

                           to terms with her absence. As many people will understand, the void left behind is enormous and the 

                           decision of when it is the right time to share your life with a new friend is a very personal one. 

                          Welcome Rosie.....................

                                                                         Alanna, Sean, Andrew, Deb & Rosie


                        Bruce, Carolyn and Jasmine in Hobart, Tasmania contacted me in March in the hope of finding a new

                        spirit  to share their lives. As this pup was to become a possible stud dog we had many many emails

                        and conversations discussing each male and their progress. Jasmine and Bruce even charted the weights

                       and sent me info on the % increase of each pup over the first week. Finally on Friday 13th June "Blizzard"

                        (#6) began his big life journey and arrived into the safe hands of Jasmine. So far I have been the

                       recipient of daily photos which show Blizzard in his new home and being totally loved to bits !


                        Jasmine & Bruce are very excited!                   Carolyn & Jasmine meet Blizzard

                        The last 2 pups met their families on Saturday 14th June.

                       Andrew, Melissa, Samantha and Georgina met, for the first time, Scout and their black boy (#4) Pedro.

                       It was love at first sight as this black boy in his little tuxedo (he has a small white patch on his chest)

                       showed himself off. Andrew was pleased with his lovely head and the girls were just pleased !

                      Melissa emailed me on the 16th  "He has settled into our family so easily, it feels like we have had him

                      longer than just a couple of days. He is so well behaved & wonderful with the children, we all love him."


                                                                      Sammy, Andrew, Melissa, Georgina & Pedro


                      Last puppy was #5, the pup who was photographed so often on the webpage. He did in fact, in the presence

                     of many witnesses, sit himself perfectly in front of another families photo.  He LOVES the camera !

                     Ian, Melanie, Lucas and Chelsea were committed to making an informed decision about bringing a dog into

                     their family and started by visiting another family with one of our pups/dogs..............Bounce. (Thanks Murray

                     and Anne.)  Once the decision was made it was then a matter of waiting to see which pup was heading off to

                    Tasmania and which pup was to be theirs.  "Dash" is now a part of their family.


                                                                                Ian, Chelsea & Dash



                  So :   Scout's pups have moved on................. 7 happy families..............and no  puppies for us.  How is Scout ?

                 As I emailed to Chockie's family  

                 "No pups left now……………………Scout seems fine but has become a free spirit again taking herself off with Rumer

                  for little wanders.       Ahhhhhhhhhh the life of a single woman! "


                  If space permits we will post updates and photos of the pups as they grow ---------------------------

                 Two new photos of pups emailed to me by their families..............

                              Blizzard napping after the big flight                                  Belle's adoring look

  Todays (June 22nd) photo of the beautiful Rosie !

                        Rosie luxuriating at home


  April 11 2009 is the day Scout's pups turn 1.

Below are 1st birthday photos and updates on the pups!

Blizzard of Tasmania

According to his owner, "Blizzard" loves to play 'chasie,' find dead wallabies and play with other dogs.



Of "Darcy" Jennifer writes:

'We are very pleased with him, he’ll never be a guard dog and his idea of hunting is chasing bull ants, anything bigger he’d rather walk round it, birds included!

His nature is perfect and he is very loyal to Arthur, never leaving his side while he’s working in the garden.
We actually think Darcy missed his calling, as he would have made a great guide dog.'








Ben & Chockie

Ben & "Chockie"

'It is amazing that a year has already gone by, don't know what life was like without our brown family member.'


















Claire and Belle

Claire with "Belle" on their morning walk where Belle usually finds something rotten to carry around! 
Claire still says, 'Thank you for a beautiful dog.'



Deb says of "Rosie" 'as you can see she is beautiful, she is a funny girl, loves the pool and the kids but she is mum's girl.'


















"Dash" with Lucas & Chelsea at  Gundagai.    
Ian says 'he's very playful and obedient and great with Chelsea even though he is heavier than her.'
























Our update on "Pedro" from Melissa is as follows.......'as you can see he has grown, unfortunately he doesn't realise he has grown and is still a puppy in a big dogs body. 
I am constantly getting comments on how beautiful & shiny his coat 

is, he looks a very healthy dog.                                                 He is truely loved and part of the family. He has a lot of character but is also obedient.' 







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