Gunnerson Labradors 

Tamba's story

Tamba grinning

Tamba grinning at the camera !

Many people ask us how we can “let go” one of our older dogs when they may have being with us a few years, sometimes for up to 5 years.

It is never easy to say goodbye to a friend however the new life our dogs go to is a full and happy one where they become the big fish in a small pond. Below is an example of how one dog enriches the lives of many people.

Tamba was born in November 2001 in Tasmania and came to us, with her sister, at 8 weeks of age.

In July 2007 she went to live with Jen and Bill in Melbourne, neighbours of Anne who has a chocolate girl Billie, also one of our girls.

Jen and Bill  are in their sixties and run a business from their home based office. At the time of first correspondance Bill had his arm in plaster after a fall on a tram.

Below are emails sent by Jen both before and after Tamba’s arrival.


Bill loves blondes and he thinks he would get along with Tamba very nicely.
We are looking forward to our new best friend
She will be a very important part of our family and the back yard is nice and secure plus we have double gates from the front yard to the back so she will have real trouble if she wants to go off exploring on her own.

We do not use snail baits or anything nasty in the garden although Billie does like to check out our compost bins which are full of veggie scraps. She has also figured out where the fishy bits are kept in the fridge, she sits and looks and then comes and gives me a nudge to see if I will open the door.

Not silly dogs labs. Our doctor is very keen to meet Tamba as well he has blonde girls too.


Bill has figured out that ear tickles will be possible even if walkies are not for him just yet. I really think that Tamba just might be the cause of him getting his confidence back as well as his good spirits, he talks about her coming every day and has decided that she will have 2 day beds, one under the magnolia and one on the verandah as well as the kennel with nice warm doggie mattress.

I hope she is interested in crosswords as I suspect there will be much discussion with her of the clues and the need to think hard and not cheat on the internet.

A very warm welcome is being prepared, Bill was even wondering if she should have a raincoat for wet walks and little boots. I pointed out she could not tie up her laces so probably boots are not needed.


We have, so far, got for Tamba, one kennel and kennel mattress pad with washable cover and one trampoline bed with warm winter padded mattress also washable , one stainless steel bowl , one bright royal purple collar, lead and nifty flashing collar light. One rubber grooming mitt Auntie Anne has contributed, one yellow small teddy and one yellow bigger teddy with purple bow. Plus a packet of tennis balls, and a rope toy plus we have been given, liver treats, pigs ears and a big chewy thing for teeth. I think it is made out of hide. Anyway the pet shop gave it to us as a welcome present.

I think we are well set up but Bill is still anxious re a raincoat.

We are really looking forward to Tamba arriving, including all our clients are keen to meet her.

I am with you on the bath thing a nice brush should keep her clean except if she rolls in something really not nice. But it is pretty clean round here.

We do expect her to be a bit sad when she first gets here but were thinking lots of talks quietly with pats and ear tickles should do the trick.

I am not in favour of treats to manage dogs as I think they are well smart enough to take control if you go down that line but we thought a couple of liver treats when she gets here would be in order and then play it by ear from that point on.

As a weight watcher myself I do understand that too many treats are in the end cruel and there is nothing sadder than an overweight lab.


We are really excited to meet Tamba this coming weekend and are so grateful to Anne for being able to collect her.

I think Anne is nearly as excited as we are. Bill is so pleased that he can move round much better now and is very keen to show her off to his mates that he meets up the street each day. We have had her picture up in the office since we got it and all our clients think she looks a most beautiful girl so she will probably be introduced to most of our clients as they come to the office.

Most of them are doggie people and have many times offered us puppies. But a grown up girl is best for us we think. even our doctor thinks she is just the perfect girl for us. He is a blond lab owner himself. I have had very firm instruction from him about taking her for "a good walk" everyday.
I reckon he thinks she will be as good a doctor to me as he is. He has tried to get me to go to a gym for years but I find them just so boring and stuffy and smelly with all that sweat.
Outdoor trots each day are his best recommendation and cheaper than a gym, having a friend to exercise with will be great , my current walking friend is going to have both her knees and hips replaced , she is 75 so probably will not be back to walking for along time. As it is, she only goes 50 yards and needs a sit down so it is more helping her than helping me.
So Tamba has a really warm welcome waiting for her including chicken frames so she feels at home at least on the food front till she gets used to her new home.


We have settled in very nicely and just love the day bed and the old wicker couch on the back verandah.
Very keen on salmon carcass, apples, strawberries, carrots and lamb shanks as well as chicken frames. Have sorted out nice private possie for toilet and have appointed herself as receptionist for the business.
Getting egg and yogurt for tea today with veggies.

Rose, the office manager, lets her sneak into the office when I am not around "so she doesn't get lonely ." As if !
Loves Bill and will take all the ear tickles that are available till he is tired out. Will get big rubber mit brush today as moulting like a plucked chook.

Walks everywhere with no lead and keeps very close to me or Anne if she goes with her and Billie. Both left this morning while Anne and I went to a meeting and they had good fun, Billie is teaching Tam to play and Tam is trying to teach Billie that she is no longer a pup and should be more dignified.
Will go to the beach on the weekend to see seagulls and sand and maybe even chase a seagull, not sure how she will like the beach with the waves but we will see.

Bill will have his cast off next Thursday so then he will be able to take Tam for show offs up the street.
Rose has fallen in love with Tam. Her dog is a little naked yapper, bad tempered, the size of a large rat, a thoroughly unpleasant beastie that Rose "saved". We can understand why the last owner dropped it off at the lost dogs place.

Tam has special song she sings when clients come and they absolutely crack up laughing, and when she waves her paw at them it is just too much. You didn't say she did tricks.

We think it is a match


Tam has had a walk every day and my hips know all about it. But since we both are on weight watchers we both benefit. We are used to her singing as we wander around the yard doing things. But yesterday we heard her bark, a nice lady like bark but a bark , so we fly out the door to see she is OK . Problem: pigeons drinking from her water bowl.
So the pigeons have been put to flight which we are delighted about and the cats have all disappeared, a good thing too. We think there seem to be fewer possums as well so clearly she has sorted the territory thing.

One big problem is that our handyman and the gardener are besotted, they spend so much time playing with her (of course Tam being a natural flirt) we have to keep reminding them that they are paid by the hour not for the patting and playing.

Have had some yogurt and some eggs for tea and more salmon and tonight a nice chewy beef bone.
We went to the park yesterday in the sunshine to have a walk and a comb with the rubber mit, lots of laughs as she put her paws round my waist while she was being combed, such a cuddly girl.

She has met most of the nice dogs in the street and has won the hearts of the owners. One fellow met her when I was taking her for a walk and he was collecting his paper in a very flash dressing gown. Never seen a man so smitten, he has 3 dogs, 2 German shepherds and a little white woolly thing but he just played with Tam for nearly 20 minutes and his wife came out to see what was going on. Tam sure has a better nature than she has.

Teenage boys and girls just line up to play with her when we are out walking so I have to allow a bit extra time.

She has not tried out her kennel yet but has altered the sleeping arrangements. The wicker lounge is definitely the place for snoozing and generally keeping an eye on things so we went and got a sleeping mat to put on that as well as the trampoline bed.

Big welcome in the pet shop even got a liver treat after she cleaned up the flea treatment display with her tail. Still she has settled down very nicely and we are so happy to have her. She is great for me and Bill is still coming to grips with the idea of her but he does stand and talk to her and she seems to know he is a bit frail.

When he sits on the verandah she comes over and just snuggles down and they have quiet little talks and ear tickles.
When he has the plaster off I think the tickle rate will rise and then he will be able to take Tam to show his mates up the street. She will be ok with them average age is 70 something and they mostly sit in the park and sort the world out.
She is still learning about crossing big roads and will not go unless I go so that is a comfort that she does not run off. Trams are of no concern but the big meat truck that was going to Safeways was an eye opener. She just could not believe the size of it and how noisy it was while she was waiting to cross the street.Reckon she could smell the meat.


I am so happy to have a pet again, I had forgotten how much they add to life Suddenly we are approachable in the street again instead of being seen as that older couple at 69.
Bill has no idea just how much she will change his life once he is taking her out, he loves to talk to people and so often older people have silly little scruffy dogs that put people off but Tam just does her film star bit and the fans gather to talk and pet her. We do have a strict rule that she only eats at home, the only exception was the pet shop and that is not likely to happen again.

The morning walkers think I am a bit mean about her having treats in the park but I believe that she is safer if she only eats at home things that we give her. She does love granny smith apples. My friend was walking with us yesterday and she was eating a sliced apple. My friend only got one more piece after Tam offered to check it out for her. She is a rather sad and bitter person in many ways but she had a really good walk yesterday with Tam and had lots of snuggles and tail wags . It is the first time I have heard her laugh in years. So Tam will add lots to many lives I suspect.

She has assumed the role of the after hours office receptionist and the clients are just charmed. Most of them for some reason thought I did not like dogs . Since I had a big poster of various dogs on the wall cannot think why. But they know the real picture now.
Next week if it is not wet I will take her to a board meeting , most of the board are dog lovers and I want to win a couple of points, so I am hoping that Tam will push through the vote. Will let you know how she goes voting at a board meeting.

We can understand that you miss her, we would very much now as well. But be assured she is very well loved and gets lots of cuddles and chats and general playing. Even my office manager's daughter comes to talk to her on her way off to Uni.


Tam is a very happy girl. She has walks every day and has a big play and tummy tickles and ear tickles every day.

We have made a nice safe area now with the two new gates so that she can see every thing that is going on but not wander off after the last person who told her she was just the most beautiful girl.

She has almost got total control of the local cats and pigeons and still working on the possums. It is her back yard and no-one else can come in uninvited.
We hope that the possums get the message soon as Bill gets up to see to her each time she barks at them but if I can convince him to stay put then she says her bit then goes back to sleep but if he keeps going out to her she will train him into the game.

The two of them are really funny, he sits on the back verandah in the sun with her and they have very long "talks" as he is doing the crossword and asking her about the clues. He is not aware that I can hear this from the office and it is very hard sometimes not to crack up laughing at them both.

We went to a BBQ at Anne's house on Sunday last and she is definitely a "party girl" , had all the boys entranced. Bill thinks it is her black eyeliner that gets them in.
She generally meets Billie on her walks in the morning and is trying very hard to tell Billie about not tearing round but is not winning that one. Still Billie makes her play when she would rather sit and be fussed over, but I tell that sitting is not good for her figure so we do a couple more park circuits before we walk home.

She spends her time trying out couch , trampoline bed and now at night when it is windy and noisy the kennel.

For tea she has veggies and some bones either chicken or shanks or salmon or beef. If not meat then egg and or yogurt , we love the kids sized granny smith apples and the carrots and cauliflower and celery and sardines and lettuce , we love canine coleslaw which has cabbage carrot celery and canola oil decorated with sardine or an egg.
She likes the leftovers of Bill's veggie soups and especially the ones that have beans in them. He makes them on veggie stock, gravy left over from stews goes down well too.
We tend not to have cheese in the house but will get her some ricotta since she loves yogurt.

I was out all day yesterday from 6.30am till 5.30pm. Well I was informed that she was not that pleased that I had not played with her at lunchtime and where was I anyway and we decided to be really fussy about tea, rejected favourite bone and would not even consider apple. We had a big sit down and a little talk about being a bit spoiled and not acting like a big girl, so then we decided to have our tea.
All was forgiven ,but clearly people time is as important as tea time.

She loves the trips to the parks and meeting the other dogs but not a bit keen on the ratbag ones.

Tam is a very precious part of the household now, and we would miss her very much if we did not have her to greet us at the back door , of course her assistance in taking out the rubbish, collecting the papers and greeting clients and minding Billie when Anne and I go to business breakfasts are very important jobs.

Looking after Bill when he is wandering around the garden is very important too. All in all Tam has sorted us all out about whose job is whose and she makes sure that the cleaners put the vac back in the cupboard and the gardener leaves her water dish just where she likes it. She makes sure they all keep on the job and she supervises the standard of the job done.
Big help really, even the handy man admits she is a very fine 'sidewalk super.'

Now if she can just finally get the message to the possums she will be able to sleep right through the night in peace


Tam is such a happy soul, she now knows everyone at the park in the mornings, has introduced herself to the neighbours, has certainly dealt with our pigeon problem and is doing wonders for our citrus trees.

Yesterday she went to the park , there were 2 cricket matches on and she caused a bit of a riot because one of the boundary markers was a nice yellow so she went to see if it would turn over and at that point a player came sliding up to the marker with the ball on his tummy.
Now that was fun so she decided to see if he was alright by giving him a good roll around with her paw. Well the game stopped, I was helpless with laughter.

Fortunately the guy involved was a Lab fan .
SO we were invited to sit by the scorers but that did not work out too well as Tam was too distracting and there was confusion over the scores a couple of times.

So off she went to meet her friend (who lives at the local aged care) on his walk in the park, he is usually there on Saturday arvo he just loves Tam and is not able to have a doggy where he lives so his cuddles with Tam are important for him and she will cuddle just about everybody.
In fact she has a reputation for being a "bit forward" but no one minds as her flirty tail wags and big grin charm the hardest heart.

Bill has finally got used to "his girl" and his greatest delight is if he is late coming back from the shops we go to meet him. The look of joy on his face when Tam spots him and goes running up to him warms my soul. Last week we met one of his friends in the street that I had not met. Tam was proudly introduced as "my dog," I was not introduced at all.
We both have been unwell but it has been great to sit on the verandah in the sun and have Tam look after our spirits by having ears tickled and she pats us on the knee.
Each weekend we go in the car to find a different doggy park and that is very popular, especially if we take a picnic and Tam has her picnic too.
We love having dancing when I knock off work, but my wind runs out before Tam does, but a nearly as good bit of fun is having a rubber mit brush down.

Sunday breakfast is strawberries and Greek yoghurt.

Everyday breakfast is lots of grated veggies and fruit with the "meat of the week" this week it is sheep hearts and chicken. Last week it was ox tongue and gravy beef. Plus our nite nite bone before we go to bed. Bill takes lots of trouble to pick out very nice shanks. He just loves seeing her demolish one.
We like eggs and sardines and sometimes she has a warm drink of milk if we are having coffee on the verandah. We go to the vet once a month to jump on the scales to see we are not getting portly. We are 30 kilos exactly and do not vary more than 500 grams one way or the other.

When he sits on the verandah Bill gives her "kids apples" You know the little ones you buy for kids. They get on really well and are sorting out most of the ills of the word but so far she is not much help on the crossword.

We can never thank you enough for our fur kid, she has astounded the family that we have a dog and that I have no problems about putting her in the car. I was a bit anal about keeping cars pristine but she sits on her blanket with her harness so she cannot get thrown round in an accident and as long as she does not keep kissing my ear as we travel all goes very well.


We now have special greeting duties at the office and we ring the knock off bell by staring to whine when we can see it is after 5.
Tam has now started to play with other dogs as long as one they do not slobber on her (she hates that) and that it does not get too rough.
When it does get rough she runs around behind me and puts her head through my legs to watch.
There are several people in the park that she runs up to greet and their reply is "how are you Happy?" One chap calls her Miss Smiles.
She is generally acknowledged as the most pleasant and agreeable beastie in the park. Always polite even if some people are passing out treats.
She loves Rose who works with me and the feeling is mutual, they have long chats when Tam decides to come into the office to check all is in order.

She then flops at the doorway in case she misses something going by.

Bill is in love but then he always was keen on blondes. He talks to her lots and they generally get on now she understands he is not that steady on his feet and that she has to give him a bit more room than me.
But he doesn't even mind her in the car and he always hated dogs in cars. But then blondes with great eye makeup can usually get their own way.

She has just been barking, next doors' cat is not welcome anytime. Especially at night which is the only time she barks.
But she does sing to me when I am hanging out the washing and putting rubbish out or just round the yard.
Must go it is knock off time....... I have just been told.


Well MissT has had some very fine adventures,and acquired some new lovers. Human ones not the other sort. We thought it was going to be too hot in the backyard this Summer so we have designed a Canine Club Med.
There is a new big shade umbrella, (the hill hoist with a shade sail) there are two chaise lounges so her friends like Miss Billie and Ruffus and Buster can come and visit and lie in the shade. The doggie paddle pool will be installed next week so we think Tam will be comfortable this Summer.
Her new friend Harry the Handyman is in love and so we still have to watch to see that the jobs get done.
She has been off to meet our doctor who has decided that Bill can have fewer blood pressure pills and I will not need to start taking them so that will save trips to the chemist.

Many clients now bring doggies when they come to see us in the office and so far there have been no fights or bully behavior.

Tam now races round the park as if it is a big paddock, she has appointed herself official greeter to all the people in the park even if they do not have a dog. Tomorrow is Friday so that means we go in the car to the butcher after our morning walk, so Tam points her nose at what she fancies but still gets what I think is best for her.

I mean rump steak is not enough challenge for her teeth. She is still enjoying her doggie din special, chopped up veggies with meat or chicken or fishy bits for tea flavored with a tin of chopped tomatoes . We make enough for a few days so the flavor is pretty good after a couple of days. Ox heart is popular so is gravy beef and liver and kidneys and sheep hearts we get nice big bones with good chewy bits.

Bill had a real battle on his hands a few days ago, he forgot that cabbage cores are Tam's favorite and he was heading for the compost bin when he was firmly reminded that cabbage cores and other good veggie bits are Tam's and not for the worms.
He got manoeuvred into putting the little kitchen bin down and Tam helped him "empty " it. So no tea that night and a talk about pushing Bill around , so round she goes to Bill sitting on the garden bench and sits beside him and works her head up under his arm and puts her paw on his knee with a big kiss. He has a great time when Billie comes to play and Anne and I go to a meeting. The girls have got him really organised, they know there will be a bone and a piece of fruit to have while we are away.
So they get the bone first so only sound of crunching for a bit then the chorus of songs till the fruit is handed out. He says there is no peace till they get the fruit usually a kids size apple or a pear but they know it is their Thursday morning treat and by golly you cannot convince them otherwise.

Bill just loves the whole carry on especially when they hear the car coming back and tear round the side to the gate. He says if he is playing with them and they hear the car he is totally forgotten till we get in the gate then they cannot decide what they want to do. Bille to stay or go with Anne or them both to go with Anne or to separate each to their own homes.

We went to doggie weigh in and are 31Kg and the vet said we look very pretty and such nice manners and a nice trim girl.
Tam seems to have found her teenager button she is on for all the fun and games that are going. We went to Gardiners Creek park which has ducks and swans and other water fowl and was she excited!

I mean how good can it get dams, ducks , dogs and a little weir where girls can paddle and chase ducks and nearly catch swans except the swans were not keen on being chased so she was hissed at. That sat her down for a bit, but back she came after a couple of minutes till the swans moved out to the middle of the dam and dared her to follow them.

She was ready to have a go but I had to tell her she could not ride in the car after swimming in the stagnant water.

Tam now joins in with all the running around in the park but if it gets rough she goes and stands behind a human. We had a birthday celebration in the park with doggie friends, pigs ears, liver treats chewy things were enjoyed by all.
A special birthday tea with Bill and me, a big lamb chump chop and some strawberries and a pear.

We will spend Xmas day with my nephew and his family including a nearly 4 year old boy called Leo who likes doggies but Dad is not sure. Mum thinks one would be good so we will see. Dad has never had a dog so it would be a big adjustment.

Tam is a very happy kid with lots of friends both doggie and human. She is very well and healthy and everyone comments on how beautiful she is. Now she has figured that out and plays to the audience with delicate tail swishing and gentle little pats on the knee, in fact all round general flirting.



Jen is typing this for me cause I get too excited and muss up. I have to be good and not wriggle too much while she is typing We are going on a big holiday on an aeroplane. I will have my own special seat. When we get there Jen says we will go fishing. Every time Bill tells me more about King Island I get more excited he says that I will see lots of  things like wallabies and turkeys and chooks and boats.
I will be able to ride round in the car there too . Jen says I will have to be a good girl on the plane and not cry or make lots of noise cause I might frighten the other dogs who are coming too. Micki the kelpie and Harley a great dane will be on the same plane, they go on planes alot so I reckon they will tell me what the drill is.

Bill said I have to stop nicking the cherry tomatoes in the garden though. He said I have to share, well I saw him taking them so I thought it was ok just have a few when he wasn't looking but he said that was sneaky and I should know I will get some with my tea.
I had a nice tea on Saturday, Jen was away for the weekend and Bill gave me the wrong packet from the fridge, lamb back straps are really nice with veggies and a apple. Anyway I got the nice lamb neck and veggies for tea Sunday so wasn't that neat?

I got a big treats ball that hangs on the clothesline for Xmas, Jen puts liver treats in it and I have to make it jump around so the liver bits fall out. Gee I have to really make it fly to get them out. It's fun but too hard on hot days. I have my paddle pool for hot days, I stand in the pool in the shade and play with my pool ball till I cool down.
When it is really really hot I help out in the office, I keep watching the aircon so it doesn't go off.  I went to doggie weigh in and I am looking very pretty Dr Bob said. He always says 'hullo beautiful' when I come to see him and gives me a big hug and a kiss on my nose. I think he likes me better than all the other dogs who come to see him.

I got a new car harness for my birhday , Jen said it was instead of me getting my learners permit, I think I could drive I can see just what she does and everything but she reckons my legs are too short and I am too young. She said I could get my learners when I am 18.
Still I have this special cover on the back seat just for me. It's good when I have been chasing ducks and am wet when I get back in the car.

We have nice walks early in the morning and I play with Maggie, Westy, Roofie, Barney, Ruben and Ollie and my best friend Billie.
Jen has got a new phone with a camera and she said she will take my picture when she figures out how it works. She is not very good with fancy phones. Rose is, so she might take my picture, she said it would go on the computer once she sets up the program.

LOL  Tam
PS Jen and Bill say hullo too and hope you are well.


I have had the best time. I went in a plane two times and I went to the beach and I caught a big piece of seaweed and I went swimming in the sea and I chased wallabies and turkeys and I was allowed to sleep inside and was really a very good girl.
Jen says I am a pleasure to  travel with cause of my nice manners and I walked right up in the plane myself and hopped in my special box.

My itchy ears are better now I have stopped pinching tomatoes. Jen said it was the tomato plant leaves that irritated my ears and the vet agreed.

I like King Island there are lots of things to do and Anne and Billie and  Harry and Rob and Rachel took me out for the day cause Jen and Bill had to stop at the Kubbie House to help catch the rats and possums that were in the ceiling. Gee they made funny noises so I would run around trying to see where they were but I was not allowed to chase them in case I got sick.

The other night after we had got home from KI I was really tired so Jen put a rug on me cause it was very cold and being tired I was a bit shivery when I went to bed. A big storm started at 2 a clock in the morning and gave me a fright so I grabbed my blanket and ran in the wash house. Bill says I am a very smart kid, but I did not want to get my new blanket wet, it is a nice blue one.

Rose lets me sleep on her feet in the office when Jen is not looking.  I help her with meeting the clients and showing them where to go. Everyone says I am a very nice receptionist.
When Jen is talking to people I am  very quiet and  snooze under the interview table. I am allowed to as long as I don't snore.
Jen gives me raw baby beet root with my dinner so my farts do not upset everyone in the office.  I tried pretending it was not me that farted but Jen said I should not tell fibs and it was me. I like the beet root especially with chicken bits.

Last week Tom the Butcher gave me a present of a special nice beef knuckle bone. When Jen came to take me for my drive to the big park with the new ponds I had not finished it but she didn't know that so I hid the bone in my mouth and trotted round to the car.
My breathing was a bit funny so Jen said  "What's up here? Oh gosh all your left cheek is swollen we better go by the vet." So she got into the driving seat, I am still not allowed to drive, and then I dropped the bone I had in my mouth and started having a nice chew. Oh boy was Jen amazed.

She got out and made me get out and I was told I cannot have bones in the car as I might get them stuck in my neck if she had to brake and anyway we don't eat in the car. So I nearly missed out on my going for a drive.
But later Jen said we would go to Packer Park and I could play in the pond after all but no more bones in the car.

Yesterday there was a big storm again so I had my bed moved to the wash house. Jen had clients for lunch and they had sushi and there was some left over so I had a special tea, yummy salmon bits and other raw fishy stuff.

Today Billie came and played while Anne and Jen went to a meeting, they do most Thursdays so Billie comes and BIll gives us a nice bone each and an apple or a pear. Then we have a sleep till they get back. Or sometimes, just to tease Bill, we sing songs so he gives us some more fruit. Jen says we are naughty to tease him, but it is good fun.

P.S. I went swimming yesterday and nearly caught a duck and I got into trouble cause a little kid followed me into the water but Jen said the kid's mum should have had her on a lead and it was not my fault if people let their kids who are only 2 run around water and fall in.

So I was not really in trouble with Jen..... she just gives me a big rub with my own towel.


I have been on "light rations " Jen calls them and now I have had my seat belt taken in 3 notches. So I am looking very pretty and when I went fishing at the Catch a Carp day I got lots of compliments. No carp though, they wouldn't let me run in the water when all the fishing lines were there. Well they never caught any either. So it serves them right for not letting me have a go.

I now have an official job, receptionist for the office. I have my own little space and a nice sheep skin to sit on and I meet everyone that comes and get lots and lots of ear tickles.
Some clients even bring me pressies of treats but I am not allowed to have them except if Jen says so and then it is only a quarter of a dog bickie and I have to save some for after and share with Billie.
I sign off on the client newsletter and am very important part of the Public Relations and client liaison team. I talk to all the sad people that Jen sees and I keep them company while she looks up stuff on the computer. Gee some of them are very sad but I get them laughing.

Bill and me are getting better at the crossword too, sometimes we have to ask Rose to cheat with Google but it is great fun. Every Monday we do the crossword review with Rose when we have coffee. I just get tickles no coffee and not even a treat.

I can open the door now when I need to go outside for toilet breaks, Rose showed me and said I was a very clever girl. I show people in when they come to the office and show them where to sit down. Then I wait to see if I get a tickle, mostly I do but we had one very strange lady come who was scared of me, her husband was not scared but she was so worried I would bite her that Rose took me outside to my bed on the verandah. I have never been so insulted and I told Jen and Rose so.

So Bill came and talked to me about odd people, anyway Jen told them she thought she was not the financial adviser for them, so they will not be coming back.

Mostly everyone give me tickles and I have made lots of new friends at the weekend park where I go duck upping, you know I chase the ducks and they go up in the air, really good fun.

We have a big long walk for several hours on the weekend and can you believe Jen is getting thinner too. She takes me all around the wetlands at GlenIris and sometimes we go to the big beach but I like the wetlands better. Not so many people and bad laws that will not let me off the lead.

So I better finish now I am having a 6 inch mackerel for tea with a  little apple. Mostly I have chopped up veggies and meat or chicken meat. We have very nice bones in the freezer, Jen got my friend Tom the butcher to chop them up so I do not get ones that are too big.

see ya



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