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    Gunnerson Labradors male......................Gunnerson Jive Mambo


Our girls are also mated to Marj Deignan's dogs from Rikim Kennels (see link)


 Jett continues to win fans wherever he goes and is continuously admired not only for his good looks but his amazing temperament and gentle manner.

In March 2008 Jett accompanied me to school in order to spend the day in the classroom. As his encounters with small children have been few and far between, and he was only 18 months old, I watched carefully to make sure he wasn't overwhelmed by so many admirers. Not a chance!

To see Jett with the children one would think he had hours of training to remain calm and accepting of their constant pats and cuddles.

As the photo shows Jett takes it all in his stride (?) and was Assistant Librarian attending school 2 days a week.

He also took on extra tasks such as yard duty, bus duty and of course cheering up sad souls.


Quiet time in the library



Mansfield Courier 24th June 2008




   June 26th 2008  ------   

  OK........ so Jett has just come to terms with being a small celebrity in his local community    

   when he found out that today was "Pajama Day" at Mansfield Primary School.

                                         Not being one to miss out on the fun, he too wore his P.J's to school and  

                                         proudly paraded with all the children ( what a poser!)


      My favourite lamby pajamas

August 21st 2008  --------

Not another dress up day!

This is what you get when you're assistant librarian and the event is "Book Week."

So here I am (photo below) as Hairy Maclary from Donaldsons Dairy. For those of you without children,

Hairy Maclary is  a cheeky little dog who gets into alot of mischief with his mates.

If you think I look funny (and a bit serious as I had to help judge the childrens costumes) you should have

seen Julia as Bottomly Potts all covered in spots! (I will try to sneak a photo)




                       March 2009:   The following is a conversation I had with a 6 year old boy at school this week.

                                               Jett had been in his classroom for the day.

                                               KAI : "I bet Jett's glad he's black!" 

                                               ME  :  "Why is that?"

                                               KAI :  "So he can see himself!" 

                                               ME (a little puzzled) : "What do you mean Kai?"

                                               KAI : "Well, dogs can only see black and white you know!"

                      I now feel sorry for all the chocolate labradors, red kelpies and blue heelers who have no idea what they look like..............!



                     3rd August 2009......................JETT turns 3 *****      HAPPY BIRTHDAY JETT


                     Jett shared his birthday with 5/6 K at Mansfield Primary. They sang 'Happy Birthday' blew
                  out his candles and ate his cake. He ate a rawhide bone............his very first!
                  He proudly wore his happy birthday sticker (on his head) all day. A better option than the badge!


                     27 August 2009.................................Book Week again !!!

              This years theme was book 'safari' and Jett shared the day in a prep classroom.
                    Being an all Australian dog he decided to be a Frilled Neck Lizard...............although he wasn't overly impressed 

                    with his frill he took it all in his stride and paraded with the class for the 3 minute walk. Then OFF with the frill! 


                                                              Jett & his safari pals


                    1 September 2009........................Pajama Day

              For a boy who doesn't even wear pajamas to bed, Jett has come up trumps again with a whole new look this year.
                   He says any bloke who can't wear pink isn't a real man.

                   such style               Jett and Chloe

                  Jett has lots of admirers at school but one of his greatest fans is Chloe who tells everyone that Jett is 'my dog.'
                  She must be around him a lot as she manages to get in most of the photos (see the giraffe above!)


            3rd August 2010...............Jett turns 4!
          This year he celebrated his birthday in the 4/5 classroom where he spent the term.





           3rd August 2011...........Ho hum.....another birthday!         5 years old !!

                                              Although Jett doesn't look enthralled by the cake ..... which was shared by 5/6M and not even a crumb for the birthday boy :(
                                              he did enjoy the extra pats and attention he received throughout the day!



                                                                                                        Happy Birthday Jett


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