Gunnerson Labradors 

Fantastic Photos

We are very fortunate that many of our puppies go to homes where 'furbaby' antics are caught on camera and shared with us.

Here is a selection of some of these photos.

Click on a photo to enlarge it !

Lido pup enjoying summer.
Squid's 1st swim at 8 weeks old.
Brothers forever!
Archie & Ranger.
Archie and Ranger on the loose!
Ralph relaxing...
Flour? What flour?
Tilley misses her mum.
Beautiful Bert
Dog Jess and boy Ethan doing what boys should do...
Don't get between a dog and his ball!
Jess cleanly bowls Ethan but they're still good mates.
SEE... I do fit!!
Harry being Harry.
Harry still doesn't have room.
Henry and Hugo don't care.
Oszkar isn't a lab but Bella knows it's nice to share.
Tully and Fudge....two angels??
9 month old Arnie meets 5 week old half sister Kandi
On the run.
Hugo in camouflage!
It's all about the DOG....Josephine.
Wordsworth & Ben
Daisy & Sparkey
Aspen gets 'air!'
Every boy loves his footy! Even Oscar!
You can't see me if I close my eyes so you can't be cross with me.



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