Gunnerson Labradors 

Animals, Animals, Animals

            Here are a few of the other animals who share our lives and who you are likely to meet should you visit us.       


        Simon & Tom                  Tom

                     Our poddy "Tom"                                            who is now too big for the house but still a special boy 






                                                                                                    "Potta" our noisy South American Sun Conure.




                            Sweet little "Flare."                                                               "Tripp" the wonder dog! 

                                                                                                                Once met, never forgotten.



                      A VERY relaxed "Saska"                                                                Our foal "Piper"                               




                       Some of our hens and roosters                                                                "Cash" and his dad "Murphy"







Julia Newton

Mansfield, Vic, Australia

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